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Akiko Takahara by ForgottenMoonchild
Akiko Takahara
At the behest of my partner, I have created a new work of art! This is my depiction of his character for his current Shadowrun RPG campaign. She is an ancestrally Ainu / Japanese elf shaman with Hawk as her totem. Had a lot of fun making her look super duper cool (had to find reference photos for the boots, knife bandolier, etc.). 
Idaho Panorama by ForgottenMoonchild
Idaho Panorama
My first time stitching together a panorama of multiple photos together using Photoshop! Super amateur and given the technology today I didn't even need to do all that work, if I'd just had the right smart gadget. But fuck that, this was more fun. This was taken after a long uphill solo hike near Sublett Reservoir in southeastern Idaho. 
Spore Print by ForgottenMoonchild
Spore Print
My partner found an amazing purple mushroom and took a spore print (where you sit the cap on a white piece of paper for several hours) to help positively identify it. I thought that the resulting image was just so cool, so I took a photo of it and replicated it to produce this! 

I don't have a "core" account, but I would definitely like constructive criticism on this! Haven't figured out how to extract just the colored part of the image so that I can have a background other than white. I tried doing "live trace" in Illustrator but it wasn't really what I was looking for. Magic wand tool doesn't seem to cut it either, unless there are aspects of that tool I'm unfamiliar with. Any suggestions? I'm working with CS4, so a bit out of date. 
Look I uploaded something! I'm not dead yet!
Wish I had a tablet. Or more art supplies and inspiration.
I want to make revolutionary art! But all I ever end up doing is drawing people's faces and doodling in black and white patterns.
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United States
Current Residence: Providence, Rhode Island (originally from CA)
Favourite genre of music: <3: Alternative rock </3: most rap and country
MP3 player of choice: Red iPod Nano
Favourite cartoon character: Charlotte (check out !! it rocks!)
Personal Quote: You're unique...Just like everyone else!

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aiimeii Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2009  Professional Filmographer
omg you have a deviantart!
(haha it's aimei)
TheNonSequitur Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
Thanks :)
Frujike Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2009
I watched you :) You have nice stuff. And we want more yaoi, just so you know. You draw so yummy.
ForgottenMoonchild Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2009
Thanks for the watch!
Frujike Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
You're welcome. Now you have to upload stuff. That's why people watch you :D
merryXpippinXlove Featured By Owner May 22, 2009
omg i sat their and watched ur webcam for like 30 min. no lie, trying to figure out how the heck u did that....Its like magic!
ForgottenMoonchild Featured By Owner May 24, 2009
Hahaha. I just had my friend take a series of photos, and then I linked them together to make a GIF.
Making animations w/ photos is fun! Hehe
merryXpippinXlove Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
I was literlly staring like O.O
x3 really? computer magic? lol i thought you could FLY. lol -dissapointed-
ForgottenMoonchild Featured By Owner May 26, 2009
haha sorry to disappoint XD
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DemonMathiel Featured By Owner May 19, 2009   Photographer
Thank you for the :+fav: :fuzzydemon:
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